How to Mine Cryptocurrency on Android Phone

If you are on this page after reading the title, it means you are at the correct place for the same. Cryptocurrencies are highly anticipated for bringing fortune to traders across the world. Moreover, it is quite common to mine crypto using mobile devices without any effort. But many new users are not aware of the exact method and process for the same. Thus, we will discuss various aspects of how to mine cryptocurrency on Android phone and other major and minor details about it.

What is Crypto Mining?

The first thing that you need to understand is the basic concept of Crypto Mining and other similar terms. Crypto Mining might seem like taking a shovel and going outdoors to look for something. Well, it is totally different from what you know about traditional mining. It refers to solving complex mathematical problems and calculations to get crypto tokens. Moreover, this will increase the amount of crypto currently circulating in the market.

The best part is that you don’t have to exchange any commodity or cash to get crypto like Bitcoin. However, you need to provide various equipment and computer processors like GPU for the same. The complete pool of miners shares their resources to find crypto.

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Once the solution of the problem is achieved, everyone receives the share of Bitcoin tokens accordingly. But your share will depend on the percent of resources provided from your side. Hence, more involvement means getting more profit in the end.

How Realistic is to Mine Crypto from Android Phone?

Well, the answer to the above question is not that complex for the most part. Yes, you can absolutely mine crypto directly from Android phones. However, you will not get enough profit as compared to the time and effort you spend. As mentioned earlier, each person receives incentives depending on their share of resources. There is no doubt in the fact that mobiles in the market today are quite powerful. However, a complete PC will definitely outshine the overall performance in the long run.

It doesn’t mean you can participate in crypto mining on Android. Everything from your mobile is easy but your final share might not be as much as you expect. Some users believe that at least they get something rather than not participating in the process. Therefore, you should have in-depth knowledge of how to mine cryptocurrencies on Android through various platforms.

Methods to Mine Cryptocurrency on Android Phone

We assume that you have fundamental knowledge about cryptocurrency and the mining process. Now, we will discuss a couple of methods by which you can easily mine crypto and get rewards.

1. Solo Mining

It is quite obvious that you are the sole miner who is trying to get the fraction of Bitcoin. According to the latest trend, it is not an easy task to mine crypto as a single user, that too through a mobile. Therefore, it can take up to months before getting results while trying the solo mining method. However, you can slightly reduce the time by having a high-end Android device.

2. Mining Pool

This method is highly recommended where a central host manages various resources provided by different users. This will eventually increase the overall power of the system that will crack the transactions. Thus, it enhances the probability of hitting the solution and getting rewards. Make sure to join a promising pool as you don’t want to waste your time and computing resources.

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Apps to Mine Cryptocurrencies from Android

Once you are ready to start cryptocurrency mining from the Android mobile, you only require an effective application. There is no potential risk as it doesn’t require any kind of user involvement. Also, many apps provide the feature that enables them to run in the background. Therefore, you can download and install the following Android mining applications,

  1. Bitcoin Miner- As the name suggests, Bitcoin Miner is one of the popular mobile apps to gather Bitcoin. Further, you can mine several other supported cryptocurrencies apart from the one present in its name. This app is easily available on the Play Store for Android users. No doubt that it already has thousands of satisfied customers all around.
  2. Miner Gate Mobile Miner– It allows the users to mine several kinds of crypto like DigitalNote, Monero, Bitcoin, and others. It will automatically store the Bitcoin reward by using the in-built wallet. The overall user interface is quite simple and effective for new users.


We hope that you have every detail corresponding to how to mine cryptocurrencies from Android. The final take is that you have to be extremely patient to get the reward. Moreover, the device might end up slowing down due to excessive computing involved in crypto mining.