5 Trends That Will Change the Landscape of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Predicting the development of cryptocurrency exchanges is always interesting because it is expanding both in line with and in opposition to the old financial system.

On the one hand, the implementation of crypto user identification requirements, increased interest in government digital currencies, PayPal’s crypto service, and Facebook’s upcoming launch of the stable coin Diem (ex-Libra), among other events, confirm that digital assets are finally becoming more understandable and mainstream.

It’s the same situation for a variety of monetary forms, including Bitcoin, the world’s most important cryptocurrency. Its stratospheric growth in value in 2021 may be traced back to October 2020, thus what we witness during this focus in 2021 is just a taste of something bigger.

Benefits of Using Alternative Data for Crypto Market Predictions

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Trend 1: Crypto will see tax regulation

The most important topic in the near future is bitcoin taxation. Crypto taxation is still a hazy concept, a vision far from reality. Crypto taxes are not yet ubiquitous, and while they may be unpopular with some, they have begun to emerge in some countries as those markets grow and governments see the potential for cash production outweighing the risks of crypto.

However, the implementation of know your customer (KYC) processes, the creation of protocols that enable transaction tracking, and the passing of legislation on digital assets all indicate that things are changing, and changing faster than some might expect.

Monitoring tools are also being actively developed, and governments are exchanging information on bitcoin exchange development platform owners and transactions. As a result, the first lawsuits alleging bitcoin tax avoidance are expected to be brought in 2021.

Trend 2: “Silent crypto harbours” are on the rise

Since there is an anti-trend for every trend, the introduction of crypto taxes will increase the appeal of countries that will resist this practice and allow users to lawfully minimize the costs of possessing digital assets. Simply said, “offshore crypto havens” will become more popular. Singapore, Korea, Japan, and, of course, Switzerland will play this role.

Trend 3: Risk assessment models will improve

With the rising value of bitcoin, there is an urgent need for the development of an amazing risk assessment model, as it becomes increasingly difficult for clients to objectively examine the prospective consequences of crypto investments without succumbing to the rush. Administrations that provide a working system, rather than merely “computerized fortune-telling on coffee beans,” will want to quickly earn the hearts, minds, and wallets of both new and experienced participants of the digital currency market.

Trend 4: Transaction costs will fluctuate

This trend is intriguing since it will go many different paths. Ether transactions will become less expensive as technology advances, whereas Bitcoin transactions will continue to rise in price.

Changes in operating costs may have an impact on e-commerce businesses’ interest in the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. The fact that bitcoin is substantially less expensive to deal with than fiat money currently attracts internet merchants. The rate at which bitcoin expands as a payment mechanism will be largely decided by its ability to maintain this edge in the long run.

Trend 5: Many things will be revolutionized and transformed by 5G

It has been discovered that people are ignoring the 5G standard, which will revolutionize data transfer. Its implementation will result in the introduction of new concepts and types of services, as well as changes in how mining is constructed, what Defi applications are developed, and other variables.

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For example, when investment choices are made by computers, 5G has the potential to significantly transform the high-frequency trading market, especially given the ultra-low latency that 5G enables.

The Last Wise Words

These are the top five cryptocurrency trends for 2023 and beyond. Controllers, traditional financial institutions, and crypto businesses are increasingly partnering to gain on the benefits of crypto innovation.