A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Crypto Charts

In these recent years, there has been a rise in trading. One of the emerging concepts is that of Cryptocurrency. If you do not know what Cryptocurrency is, well, it is a type of mode of payment that is highly now used instead of money. So, if you want to buy any good or service online, you can use Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. This is completely based on a concept termed Blockchain.

To make this easier, it is a type of currency that businesses provide specifically to be used in their company. So, if you desire to purchase a product from Company A, you can use money or Cryptocurrency that Company A has laid out. Over of companies  have floated out their Cryptocurrencies in the market. The value of these currencies has already reached more than $1 trillion.

Cryptocurrencies may sound a little difficult to understand, but in some ways, some ways can help you understand this market better. This can be done with the help of something that is known as Crypto charts.

This article will assist you to understand how to read Crypto charts very easily. Make sure that you read this properly and take time to understand things.

How To Read Crypto Charts Easily

You should know that it does not matter if you are not an expert at Mathematics or Probability, you will still understand this concept. You don’t need to learn is not mandatory for you to learn this but if you want to get profit out of the Cryptocurrency market, it is mandatory that you should learn how to read Crypto charts.

The primary thing for you to know is there is a use of Candle Charts in Cryptocurrencies. This is similar to that used to analyze stock markets. You might now say that there must be some other way to understand Cryptocurrencies. However, this is the easiest way to understand this concept.

Now that this is understood, let us move on to the main elements of the Cryptocurrency chart.

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Details Of Cryptocurrency Charts

There are a bunch of things you need to understand before you go to the chart. Once you do this, it will be easier for you to know how to read Crypto charts in an instant.

1. Time

You need to first decide the period that you want to study. The candle will then display the data for the period of is selected, you will get the volume of the trade that occurs during that period.

You will keep in mind the colors red and green here. Also, you will have to look out for the length of the bar. If it is a green bar that is long, it means the Crypto is something you should think of. But if it is red, it is not a good sign – it shows lack of interest in that particular purchase.

2. Bullish And Bearish

This concept is important when you want to know about the type of candlesticks. This helps to represent the candles on the bar. The bullish will be green and the bearish will be red. The upper candle part is the closing price of a bullish candlestick and the bottom will be the opening, and vice versa will be for the bearish candlestick.

You now are apt with the basic knowledge of how to read Crypto charts simply. These are some parameters that you need to focus on when you are learning about Crypto charts.

Tools That Can Help To Read Crypto Charts

To assist you in understanding the Cryptocurrency market, several tools can assist you. We have listed them out for you so that you can make an informed decision.

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1. TradingView

The best part about this tool is that you will get a free version of this. With the free version, you will get a lot of perks that will help you understand the market better. Consider user-friendliness as an additional benefit.

2. Fibonacci Extension

For the players who want to play a little advanced, you can learn how to read Crypto charts with the help of Fibonacci Extension. This displays the trends in a detailed manner and shows where the trends have been corrected. They also display the reversal points of the market. With this tool, it will be a lot easier for you to know how to read cryptocurrency charts.


It is now clear for you how to read Crypto charts in an extremely easy way. The key to this is that you need to follow the steps that have been presented here. If you understand the basics of what Cryptocurrency is, then you can easily understand how to study those charts easily. It only needs a little time and some practice for you to get going. If you spend enough time understanding and reading things properly, you will not face any problems comprehending the charts.

Yes, it is important that as a beginner you invest in some tools to understand the market at first. This will help you to analyze and make the right investments.

Also, every Crypto chart will certainly possess those key elements that we mentioned earlier. No matter which tool you choose, they all will have those elements. If you want to master how to read Crypto charts properly, then you should first comprehend the basics of the elements present.