Top 4 Bitcoin Mining Calculators

Take a wild guess at what it might be! Yes, it is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, with its value only ever-increasing. Although it has had its own share of ups and downs in the market, it is very promising! What once was valued at $0 is now worth nearly $63,000!

You can either buy Bitcoin or mine it as well. Many youngsters today have invested in Bitcoin; in fact, that’s the first thing they do as soon as they start collecting money. On the other side, the miners buy hardware, study mining, and set up mining farms to mine Bitcoins.

Why is Bitcoin Mining Necessary?

Mining involves the verification of transactions and updating the blockchain (a kind of ledger that any and every user can reach and stores details of every transaction).

This process ensures that everything is on track, and the miners who verify the transactions get paid in terms of Bitcoins. But in order to have some success in bitcoin mining, you need to have all kinds of software and hardware that are required for mining crypto.

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how to mine cryptocurrencies on Android

Like for instance, ASIC miners and GPU miners are used as the hardware. Whereas applications like NiceHash and CGMiner are needed to mine/buy bitcoin. Anyways, before you get into the crypto business, you ought to know what you are getting into. Like will it get you profits, or will it doom your invested money?

Key Factors in Bitcoin Mining

If you are a miner, you are required to look through your profits and investment well in advance. It depends on a lot of factors that include the electricity costs of your area and the device on which you mine.

For example, if you wish not to invest in any extra hardware other than your gaming PC/laptop, it would be best to keep in mind that this will not fetch you enormous profits. This is because the mining software utilizes the computational power of your PC/laptop, which in turn compensates you in the form of Bitcoins.

But if you do intend on buying hardware to mine crypto, you need to calculate the net profits. Numerous calculators help you do that, which have been discussed below.

A Glance at the Best Bitcoin Mining Calculators

1. NiceHash

This is probably the easiest and simplest mining calculator to use. You can go two ways to calculate the profits with this software. One is by letting it automatically detect your hardware by running an analysis or manually choosing the hardware you possess. But you will need to know the price per kWh in your locality, which you can find on your most recent electricity bill.

2. CryptoCompare

This is more advanced than NiceHash as it requires you to specify more specs for a better-processed result. You need to plug in your GPU’s hash rate, energy consumption, electricity rate, and pool fees. You should calculate the hashing power by yourself, and it is specific to the crypto you are mining.

Top Bitcoin Mining Calculator


If you are not aware of which crypto to mine, you can check out WhatToMine, which will tell you, well, what to mine! As for the power consumption, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to check your model’s maximum power usage. You can find out the electricity cost by referring to your most recent bill.

3. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

This site has pretty much the same parameters as mentioned above and is highly reliable. It has a user-friendly interface and will fetch you accurate results.

4. 99Bitcoins

This is another excellent mining calculator that takes into account the initial hardware cost too. The results show you daily, monthly, weekly, half-yearly, and yearly profits.


These calculators are an excellent choice for estimating profits if you are passionate about getting into crypto mining. Make sure you consider all factors before you come to any decision.