Top 4 Bitcoin Mining Hardware To Invest in 2022

It wouldn’t be factually wrong to say that crypto is one of the most promising investment options in the market today. But if you play your cards right, you could very well become the first billionaire of your locality, unless, of course, you live in Beverley Hills or NYC! I mean, it is indeed a bit risky as well. But it is definitely worth the risk.

Most people today-even the ones with standard gaming laptops and PCs, have started mining crypto with the help of software like NiceHash. But if you feel you are passionate about mining and want to go all out in the field, this article is for you! To begin with, you would need suitable software to mine crypto and reliable hardware for a faster hash rate. The said hardware might be GPU, ASIC or FGPA miners, and this article will take you through some of the best bitcoin mining hardware you can buy for crypto mining this year:

top hardware for crypto mining

1. Antminer S5

Although it was released way back in 2014 and isn’t the newest bitcoin miner model by Bitmain, it is exceptionally better than all its peer models released at the time. In fact, it is even considered to be better than the later releases by the same parent manufacturer, given what it has to offer for its price.

This model produces nearly 1 GigaHashes per second per 0.51 W of energy utilised. As for its energy consumption, it draws almost 560 W and requires a supply of nearly 115 V. This is relatively lower than its forerunner (S3) and is much more productive.

2. Antminer S7

This is the successor of Antminer S5, released almost a year after S5 was released. Although it weighs more than its predecessor (around 4 kilograms), it is known for its impressive energy usage. Even lesser than S5 at that, and one among the least energy-consuming miners in the market today. It is best to use this at a supply rate of 1600 watt APW3. In the end, it depends on the energy supplied and how warm the climate is where you live. If both these conditions are met, you can exploit the best functionalities from S7.

Take, for instance, if you live in areas hotter than 26 degrees, the miner is not at its peak performance. Living in colder regions will considerably eradicate the expense of cooling.

3. Antminer S19 Pro

This is one of the latest releases from Bitmain, which came to the market in May 2020. S19 Pro is a beast that generates a whopping 110 Trillion Hashes per second, making it one of the highest hash rate miners in the market currently. It draws an average energy of 3250 Watts.

Top Bitcoin Mining Hardware

One of the biggest pros of this model is that the investment cost is repaid in nearly 6 months and fetches you a gain of more than $10/day! Also, don’t forget that it is sensitive to climates over 40 degree Celsius.

4. Antminer L3+

This is one of the best mining hardware in the market right now. It is centred towards mining Scrypt, which makes it the best choice for Scrypt miners. It has an excellent hashing capability of generating 504 Mega Hashes per second and draws nearly 800 watts. It offers impressive features, too, like a pre-installed dashboard that rules out the necessity of having a PC to control it.


These are some of the best bitcoin mining hardware in use today in the crypto world. They are highly reliable and are widely used by pro miners of the world. Although they all look good at first sight, it would be best for you if you take your budget, local electricity prices per unit, temperatures into consideration. Good luck with your career as a crypto miner!