Top 10 Australian Financial Sites

Are you thinking of taking control of your finances in an effective and efficient manner? Well, this is certainly one of the best decisions for your financial growth. However, in such a scenario, the bigger question is where to start. It is certain that you will need a lot of time and energy to meet your financial goals. It requires you to keep track of your spending habits and savings, stick to the defined budget, and deal with many other complications.

While it is not easy, you will be happy to learn that many online sites and applications can assist you with your finances. The intervention of technology in our lives has made it easier to manage many things, including finances, like never before. So, if you want to gain financial stability, you are in the right place. This blog will walk you through top-rated Australian financial sites that will make the job easier. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Australian Financial Sites

Here are some of the best sites you should consider to keep track of your finances.

1. Frollo

Frollo is one of the most popular Australian financial sites well-known for its open banking offerings. The best part about Frollo is that it is a free and safe site that lets you synchronize your assets, credit cards, loans, financial accounts, and pension – all in one place; as a result, you can control all the financial aspects easily. Moreover, you can save money by participating in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges on Frollo. Additionally, Frollo can offer you financial advice and alerts, such as reminders when invoices are due.

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2. Shop Back

If you enjoy shopping online, Shop Back offers cashback offers from more than 4,000 retailers to help you save money. Moreover, you can also use online shopping coupons for budget-friendly shopping. If you are a regular online shopping user, the good news is you can receive up to 30% cashback. The money will be deposited to your Shop Back account immediately, and you can quickly transfer it to a bank account. Besides that, you may also spend the money to buy gift cards, movie tickets, or restaurant coupons within the app.

3. Buddy

Buddy is a budgeting app that helps you create budgets and track your spending to ensure it aligns with the budget. This app is fun to use because you can add your friends and family and challenge them to budgets, at the end of the period the winner is the one who tops the list, in order to monitor the performance of their budget, users may also import all of their bank account transactions.

4. Raiz

With Raiz, an app for micro-investing, users may make lump sum deposits, regular payments, incentives, and spare change roundups to invest in a variety of exchange-traded funds. It is mostly an investing app, but it also has features that are beneficial for saving money. You may use the app’s micro-investing and regular deposit capabilities to save money through investments, but it also offers a free My Finance function that gives you individualized spending insights.

5. Good budget

Good budget is another effective financial site. It is originally an American app; however, you can access it in Australia as well. You can consider this app as one of the best budget trackers for the modern age. This app employs the antiquated envelope technique of saving, in which you set spending caps for different categories, and as a result, the program restricts your spending to what you have. It allows you to track your spending in the form of pie charts for a detailed view.

6. We Money

A personal finance app called We Money provides users with a thorough understanding of their financial situation. Its goal is to provide them with the financial independence they need. By linking their bank accounts to the app, users of We Money can automatically track their income and spending and examine their overall finances.

7. Beem

The primary function of Beem, which was first developed under the name “Beem It,” is the ease with which group spending may be tracked and divided. Beem allows you to quickly add a cost that tracks who owes what and how much, whether for a holiday, family, friends, or roommates. After that, it will maintain a running sum for every individual.

8. Get Reminded

If you want to be reminded about the bills and other financial commitments, this app is just the right option for you. Get Reminded assists you in avoiding late fines and missing payments. Customizable notifications are one of the distinctive features of this app, and you will not miss anything important. Users may customize the timing and frequencies of reminders and set up alerts for certain invoices or payments.

9. Spriggy

A new app in Australia is called Spriggy. It’s an app that helps parents teach their kids about budgeting and saving money for those under the age of eighteen. Giving kids coins and notes is a thing of the past; Spriggy is bringing pocket money into the twenty-first century. To transfer money to their child’s Spriggy account, which can be used to make purchases with the prepaid debit card, parents may link their bank accounts to the app.

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10. The ATO App

While including an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) app in the list may seem strange, it is incredibly beneficial, especially when the tax season is just around the corner. It allows you to manage your tax and pension responsibilities effortlessly. The ATO app allows users to file tax forms and enter deductions and pertinent receipts/documents. Moreover, you can also access and update personal information and monitor refund status, which is some of the key features that make it one of the best additions to the list of Australian financial sites.

Wrap Up!

When you maintain your financial records, you will be able to avoid the typical mistakes like overspending, which eats the major chunk of your budget It enables you to continue moving toward your long- and short-term financial objectives. Moreover, it assists individuals in achieving financial security and escaping financial hardship. So, use the Australian financial sites mentioned in this blog to gain the financial stability you desire.